Released: 09/09/2020

Barre is sung in Songhai and translated in French and English

Talking about the track, Aliou from the band said:
“Barre means change. We need change. In the song we are inviting youth to get involved in
politics and government to bring about change because they understand the actual
challenges we face today. That’s the only way. The problem in Mali is guys from the 1960s
are still around and control everything. It’s like how yesterday gave today a chance, today needs to give tomorrow a chance.”

“Youth! Let’s rise for this change!
Just as Yesterday knew how to welcome Today,
Just as Spring knew how to welcome Summer,
And Summer knew how to welcome Winter,
Old age must welcome Youth.”

This verse describes how we are condemned to respect and accept the cyclical nature of all
things. We want the older generation to give space to the new generation. Especially in Mali right now, and to be honest, in Africa in general.

Video directed by Ah Prod, Mr. Haidara
Lyrics added by Max Taeuschel
Song produced by Matt Sweeney

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