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From The Band…

“Such a special day for us at such a special time. To have the title “Optimisme” at a moment when the whole world must be optimistic to overcome and eradicate this pandemic! We want to take the opportunity to ask everyone to go listen to this album. Your response is so meaningful and heartwarming for us. Stay at home and respect the social distancing measures. A big thank you to all who had the courage to buy this album.”Garba Toure

“Today is the day for us to be proud of the fight we have continued since the political crises began in Mali in 2012. We have the honor to present to you “Optimisme” a rock’n’roll album from Northern Mali, our home. It is full of the positive energies that we want to share with you at a time when the whole world is in need. This album denounces the corrupt management of the African continent in general and Mali in particular. It gives hope to life because we believe in peace, in freedom, and in the defeat of religious extremism. We thank all our fans around the world who have enjoyed and followed us since the beginning of the adventure. There are too many to name.”Oumar Toure

Watch The Video For ‘Worry’

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