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Listen To New Single ‘Barre’

Translated from their native Songhai, “Barre” means change. The song was written to inspire the youth of their Mali homeland to get involved in order to make change in their corrupt political system.

As lead singer Aliou Toure states…

“It’s like how yesterday gave today a chance, today needs to give tomorrow a chance.

Youth! Let’s rise for this change! / Just as Yesterday knew how to welcome Today / Just as Spring knew how to welcome Summer / And Summer knew how to welcome Winter / Old age must welcome Youth.

This verse describes how we are condemned to respect and accept the cyclical nature of all things,” Aliou adds. “We want the older generation to give space to the new generation. Especially in Mali right now, and to be honest, in Africa in general.

The New Album ‘Optimisme’

When you go out to clubs in Soho, London or New York, you hear hard rock music that can make people move. We wanted to make a rock club crowd get involved with Songhoy Blues. It’s about Songhoy Blues reaching even further than before.” – Songhoy Blues

Coming 23rd October | Pre-order Now

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