Having already had a hugely successful 2015, including a recent nomination in the ‘Best New Band’ category at this year’s Q Awards, Songhoy Blues go into the end of the year by announcing their biggest UK headline show to date and a deluxe version of their much-acclaimed debut album, Music In Exile.

The deluxe edition, released on CD and download, features 3 new tracks: staggering re-interpretations of tracks by some of the group’s key influences. A re-versioning of the Clash’s Should I Stay Or Should I Go features new lyrics addressing the difficult decision confronting refugees around the world – a literal “Should I Stay?” and suffer persecution at home or “Should I Go?” and face potential social injustice and prejudice. An extraordinary re-working of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, fully endorsed by Jimmy Page after initially gracing the cover of Mojo Magazine, and a stunning version of Manu Dibango’s classic Soul Makossa, which might be the band’s greatest musical performance to date, also feature on the deluxe edition.

    Music in Exile

    1. Soubour
    2. Irganda
    3. Al Hassidi Terei
    4. Sekou Oumarou
    5. Nick
    6. Ai Tchere Bele
    7. Wayei
    8. Petit Metier
    9. Jolie
    10. Desert Melodie
    11. Mali
    12. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
    13. Soul Makossa
    14. Kashmir
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