Listen To New Single ‘Badala’

’Badala’, the new single from Songhoy Blues, translates to “I don’t give a sh*t / f*ck / damn”, and is inspired by the youth in Mali, especially young women, who are pushing back against patriarchy & societal controls. They are empowering themselves & taking ownership of their voices, their bodies & their futures. This song celebrates that courage, fearlessness & agency through the story of a woman ending her relationship, and choosing her own destiny.

The New Album ‘Optimisme’

When you go out to clubs in Soho, London or New York, you hear hard rock music that can make people move. We wanted to make a rock club crowd get involved with Songhoy Blues. It’s about Songhoy Blues reaching even further than before.” – Songhoy Blues

Coming 23rd October | Pre-order Now